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Trademark Registration

We apply for registration of your brand name which will protect your business and customers. Once such application is filed, you can start using TM alongside your brand name and ensure no other business copy or misuse your brand name thereby your interest protected.

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Trademark Search

We do a comprehensive search of your brand name from the database. Searching provides a quick and simple means to investigate the availability of your chosen brand in your field of business. We also suggest you suitable modifications if any required.

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Trademark Opposition

We oppose registration of brand names by filing an application for opposition when a third party attempts to register his/her brand name which is deceptively similar to that of yours. This will prevent exploitation of your trademark by third parties.

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Trademark Renewal

We file applications seeking renewal of registered trademarks before the Registrar as a registered trademark is valid for 10 years and renewal of the same has to be made once in every 10 years. Failure to file a an application for renewal leads to removal of the trademark.

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Trademark Assignment

We advice and draft applications for assignment/transfer of trademarks as a brand or Trademark owner can transfer his rights with respect to his trademark by way of assignment or by licensing. Such assignment or licensing is required to be recorded in the register of trademarks.

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Trademark Litigation

We conduct suits for infringement and passing off before competent courts when trademark owners believe that their marks are being infringed. Criminal prosecution can be launched for falsification of trademarks. Rectification to remove registered trademarks can be filed.

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