Procedure for renewal of a trademark

A trademark is registered for a period of 10 years and hence an application to renew the trademark has to be made once in every 10 years 

Request for renewal

A certificate of registration may be renewed for periods of ten (10) years at its expiration upon payment of the prescribed fee and upon filing of a request in Form TM-R. The request shall contain the following indications:  
(a) An indication that renewal is sought;
(b) The name and address of the registrant or his successor-in-interest, hereafter referred to as the “right holder”;
(c) The registration number of the registration concerned;
(d) The filing date of the application which resulted in the registration concerned to be renewed;
(e) Where the right holder has a representative, the name and address of that representative;
(f) The names of the recorded goods or services for which the renewal is requested or the names of the recorded goods or services for which the renewal is not requested, grouped according to the classes of the Nice Classification to which that group of goods or services belongs and presented in the order of the classes of the said Classifications; and
(g) A signature by the right holder or his representative.

When to file request for renewal

An application for the renewal of the registration may be made at any time not more than one year before the expiration of the last registration of the trademark. A request for renewal of registration of the trademark filed within prescribed time shall be allowed unless the trademark has been removed or cancelled or is otherwise not renewable under any of the provisions of the Act and rules or by any order of the competent court or the Registrar.