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Manner of filing Trademark Application

The Trademark Office now accepts two ways for filing new trademark applications, namely online filing and paper filing.  There are two methods by which applications for trade marks can be filed which are accepted by the Registry –namely 

(1) Paper filing on prescribed form and in the prescribed manner and 
(2) E-filing 

E-filing of trademark application

In online filing, the trademark application in Form TM-A has to be electronically filed through the portal for e-filing by clicking on the link

Except for the work mark, other forms of trademark have be uploaded to the application. Authorization in Form TM-48 as well as Statement of user in the appropriate case needed to be filed.  

In case of online filing of the document, digital signature will be considered as signing of the document. A class III or II digital signature from any of the Indian Certifying Authorities is required for the said purpose.

Payment has to be made online through Bharat kosh 

E-filing cannot be made using a mobile phone. 

Paper filing of trademark application

The trade mark application in TM-A is to be filed at the ‘appropriate office’ of the Registry, within whose territorial limits, the principal place of business in India of the applicant is situate.

The application which should be filed in triplicate, inter alia, will include the following particulars:

A graphic representation of the trade mark is to be given in the space provided on the application form for that purpose

Five Additional representations are to be provided corresponding exactly with one another.

In all cases it should contain the specification of goods/services and the class in which the registration is sought, with the name and address of the applicant together with the name and address of the agent (if any), the period of user(if any).

It shall be signed by the applicant or his agent, indicating the name and status of the signatory. 
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