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6 reasons why trademarks are important for your business

Trademarks today are one for the most important and sought out forms of intellectual property. Here are the 6 reasons why Trademarks can be one of the biggest assets for your business.

1. A trademark forms the main basis for identification

A distinctive trademark allows the public to identify your goods and services. The trademark lets the world know that a particular good or service is provided by your business. It indicates and assures a consistent level of quality of your products and services. It also creates goodwill and brand value of the business, which would have otherwise been difficult to establish with a distinctive identification.

2. Trademarks prevent confusion in the marketplace

A certificate of registration may be renewed for periods of ten (10) years at its expiration upon payment of the prescribed fee and upon filing of a request in Form TM-R. The request shall contain the following indications: